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Michelle Yeoh

Birth name: Yeoh Chu-Kheng

Height: 5' 4"

Born August 6th 1962 in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
She danced ballet since the age of four. As a teen she studied at the Royal Academy in London, England.

in 84 Michelle had her acting job (on film) in a commericial with Jackie Chan.
85 Yeoh begin making action films with D&B Films in Hong Kong.
oddly (giving the number of martial art movies she's in) Michelle Yeoh never studied the Martial Arts. Instead she her training in dance to prepare her for her work in her martial art scense.

Michelle Yeoh does all of her own stunts.
can speak English, Malay and Chinese.

Yeoh can not read Chinese and most have someone translate the scripts for her.

Michelle Yeoh is th highest payed actress in Asia.

Married and divoreced to executive of D&B films Dickson Poon.

also credited as:

Michelle Khan
Ziqiong Yang
Chi-King Yeung

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