Maggie Cheung

Birth name:
Height: 5' 6"

Also Credit as:
Man-Yuk Cheung
Man-yu Zhang
Man-Yu Cheung

Maggie Cheung was born in Hong Kong on September 20, 1964.
At the age of eight Maggie and the Cheung family moved to England.
After secondary school Maggie moved back to Hong Kong and started working as a model.
in 1983 she was running up for thee Miss Hong Kong pageant around this time Cheung started working in commericals, tv and film.

Photo Gallery

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Heroic Trio
Irma Vep (DVD)
Centre Stage (Akaruan Ling Yu The Act (DVD)
Green Snake (DVD)
Will Of Iron (DVD)
Comrades, Almost A Love Story (DVD)
Fishy Story (DVD)

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