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Kelly Hu

Full name: Kelly Ann Hu

Height: 5' 5"

Born on February 13 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

is English, Chinese, Hawaiian ancestory

At a young age Hu's Parents divorced. Kelly and her brother (Glenn) moved to Kahului Maui to live with their grandparents for about 2 years. Then they moved with there mother.

as a kid Kelly danced ballet and tap, skated, played hocky, acrobatics.
Her older brother teached her a little Kung Fu.
Kelly's brother would then set up fights between her and the boys in the neighborhood, taking bets on his sister.

In hight school Kelly begin acting in there school's drama club.

Also during high school Hu was scouted by a model agency. the agency planed to have her model in Japan
Kelly found out about a local beauty pagebt Hawaii Teen usa. Which lead her to the Teen USA pagent at age 16.
Her mother warned her that america was not ready for Asian miss teen USA. But it was and Hu was crowned queen.

After high school she started acting and modeling professionly and moved to Japan were she got work as a model and acted in commericals.

her first action flick she acted in was No Way Back and she loved doing the fighting.

later Kelly Hu started traing martial arts (Kanzen Buda Kai style) at the Alborzi Karate Academy in Beverly Hills.

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