The Matrix - Matrix, The - Reloaded, Niobe, Full Image  ( Poster )
The Matrix - Matrix, The - Reloaded, Niobe  ( Poster )

Jada Pinkett Smith

Birth Name: Jada Koren Pinkett

Height: 5'

Born September 18 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland

in high school Jada study dance and choreography in the Baltimore School for the Arts. Then Pinkett went to North Carolina School of the Arts for about a year but droped out to start acting.
Jada Penkett got her first big break when she was casted the role of Lena James for the last few seasons (1991-93) of the hit show A Different World.
In 1993 Jada Penkett made her film debut in the movie Menace II Society
On December 17, 1997 Jada Penkett married rapper/actor Will Smith (the artist formly known of as the Fresh Prince) and hyphen her name with his.
the couple has to childern Jaden Christopher Syre Smith and Willow Camille Reign Smith
Will Smith has a son from a previous marriage, Will Smith the 3 nicknamed Trey

Other cool facts

Jada Pinkett went to high school with rapper/actor Tupac Shakur.
was Miss Maryland in 1988


Menace Ii Society (Widescreen)
Low Down Dirty Shame (DVD)
Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight
Set It Off (Widescreen)
Princess Mononoke (DVD)
Scream 2 - Deluxe Collector'S Edition (DVD)
Matrix Revolutions (DVD)


Enter the Matrix
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