Anita Mui

Birth name: Mei Yan Fang

also known as Yim-Fong Mui

Anita Mui was born on October 10th 1963. She had two brothers and a sister, actress/singer Ann Mui (Oi-Fong Mui).
Mui's father died when she was very young. at around age eight her mother moved in with a man, hoping he would help her raise her kids. but later found out that he was already married. Anita said her mother become abusive to them (her and her siblings) after that.
Anita Mui starte singing at the age of 5 with her sister Ann. Yim-Fong Mui when pro at the age of 7. But it wasn't untill 1982 when she won the first 'New Talent Singing Contest' beating over 3 thousand people. The next year she released her first album.

83 was also the year that Anita Mui started her film career in the motion picture Mad Mad 83.

The life of Anita Mui maybe even more interesting then any role she played. Mui has been known to get in fights with men twice her size. In fact there is a rumor of her getting in a fight with a gang member that was mysteriously killed (people believe by her Triad boyfriend).

Mui was also known for taking part in Pro-Democracy marches and charities.

Anita Mui died on December 30, 2003 due to cervical cancer.

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